Curious Human (health)

Jon chats about when its time to advance your core exercises.

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Jon chats about how to cure knee pain.

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Jon chats about the importance of bracing in quadruped.

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Jon chats about positioning the body in a natural position so the neck and shoulder can heal.

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Jon chats about back pain and why you might be making it worse.

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Jon chats about the cause of and solution to back pain.

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Jon chats about the 4 basic core exercises that everyone should be doing; supine brace, supine bridge, quadruped brace, and quadruped hip extension.

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The gang chat with Joe Compagni, head track & field and cross country coach at Monmouth University.

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The gang chat about knee pain, foot pain, and training specificity.

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The gang chat about marathon training, exercise variability, and answering listener questions.

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The gang chat about plantar fasciitus, beginning a training program, and the most important question in track and field.

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Jon talks about his return to college track coaching.

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The gang chat about knee pain and triathletes, core training after a long run, and weight loss.

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The gang talk about motivation, transitioning to a natural-strike shoe, and interval length.

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The gang chat about rest during intervals, knee pain and back pain while running, and brain training.

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The gang chat with Mike Boyle, founder of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning.

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The gang chat about marathon training, cracking knees, and transitioning a high school program to an interval-based system.

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Jon's audio excerpt from the NJ Marathon in April, 2014.

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The gang talk about high school coaching, progressing 10 second sprints, and rolling the glutes.

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The gang talk about shin splints, front squats, and 10-second sprints and 10k training.

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