Curious Human

Chuck Schneekloth is the founder of The Garden State Track Club and a runner. Chuck and Jon talk about running, the challenges of running an organization, and the importance of relationships in business.

More information about Chuck can be found at

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Maxine Presto is a runner and traveller, and she recently completed the 2100 mile hike of the Appalachian Trail. Maxine and Jon talk about her journey and how her body held up (mentally and physically) to hiking 20 miles a day with 30 pounds on her back.

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Kevin Larrabee is a personal trainer, strength coach, and the owner of Allied Strength in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Kevin and Jon talk about becoming personal trainers and strength coaches in the private sector.

Kevin can be reached at

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Drew and Jon drink Tequila and talk life, liberty, and exercise.

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Dr. Peter Aloi, DC, MS is a board certified Chiropractic Physician at Atlantic Medicine & Wellness in Wall, New Jersey. Pete and Jon talk about the benefits of Active Release Technique and common misconceptions about chiropractors.

Dr. Aloi can be reached at

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Craig Segal is a runner and co-owner of Runner's High in Freehold, New Jersey. Craig and Jon talk about high school and college distance running.

Craig can be reached at

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Jon Rimmer is a personal trainer and business owner. Jon and Jon talk about the trials and tribulations of the fitness industry, big box gyms, and personal training.

Jon can be reached at

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Drew Seaver is a personal trainer and runner. Drew and Jon talk about the challenges of personal training and convincing people to exercise.

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Jon talks about stretching for back health.

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Jon talks with his friend and client about strength training and fitness.

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Jon talks about the shoulder benefits of the "s-curve".

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Jon talks about the benefits of bench pressing.

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Jon talks about his rules.

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Jon talks about his bike trip to Canada.

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Jon talks about the secret of 5k training.

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Jon talks about how to lose weight easily.

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Jon talks about balance.

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Jon talks about his new favorite core exercise.

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Jon talks about how easy it is to lose weight.

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Jon talks about strength training.

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Jon talks about the characteristics of a well rounded runner.

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Jon talks about the one trick for losing weight.

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Jon talks about how to digress quadruped bracing.

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Jon talks about acute pain and chronic pain.

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Jon talks about different ways to vary the row.

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Jon talks about how to create a good running foundation.

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Jon talks about mental health and meditation.

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Jon talks about 4 different bridging variations.

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Jon talks about elbow pain.

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Jon talks about the deadlift variations.

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Jon talks about why it's so important to build up to racing a half marathon.

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Jon talks about the importance of sleep for recovery.

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Jon talks about different exercises to strengthen the stomach muscles.

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