Curious Human

Jon chats about his 30 days New Years resolution.

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Maxine and Drew chat with Jon about his college cross country season. This is Jon's second cross country season. Jon does not mention the name of his school or any of his current athletes by name as per NCAA regulations.

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Jon chats about the two different methods of teaching abdominal control.

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Jon chats about the age old question: to stretch or not to stretch? That is the question.

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Jon chats about the age old question: to stretch or not to stretch? That is the question.

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Jon chats about back pain and back tightness.

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Jon chats about how to progress a strength training routine.

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Jon chats with Maxine about her experience at the Philadelphia Marathon.

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Jon chats about the different running surfaces that runners encounter.

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Jon chats about when its time to advance your core exercises.

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Jon chats about the importance of the adjustable heigh work surface when dealing with acute low back pain.

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Jon chats about how to cure knee pain.

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Jon chats about how to get big biceps.

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Jon chats about the importance of relaxing the shoulders while doing quadruped core exercises.

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Jon chats about event specialization based on training age for distance runners.

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Jon chats about the importance of doing core exercises in quadruped.

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Jon chats about the link between walking and good posture.

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Jon chats about the 2 most common causes of shoulder pain.

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Jon chats about progressing from two legged squatting to single leg reaching.

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Jon chats about good footwear choices for runners.

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Jon chats with Maxine about feet, shoes, and running.

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Jon chats about the benefits of natural-strike shoes.

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Jon chats about the best 5 exercises for core strength.

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Jon chats about food and cardiovascular exercise.

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Jon chats about why you should never stretch the low back.

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Jon chats with Drew about running.

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Jon chats about a well balanced strength training program, and how he has strayed a bit from the norm.

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Jon chats with Brooke and Kerry about exercise addiction, running, and what Jon would do if he didn't own Core Fitness.

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Jon chats about the difference between running and jogging.

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Jon chats about the single most important exercise you probably aren't doing.

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Jon chats about tough food decisions.

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Jon chats about how to convince people to do core exercises.

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Jon chats about squatting, bending, pushing and pulling progressions.

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Jon chats about the meaning of exercise.

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Jon chats about the challenges of coaching runners.

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Jon chats about why it’s important not to rush core exercises.

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Jon chats about why heels and standing may not be a great combination.

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Jon chats about anterior hip pain and rolling the gluteals.

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Jon chats about the importance of food and how it effects how your upper body looks.

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Jon chats about the importance of bracing in quadruped.

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Jon chats about his favorite cardiovascular exercise. Drumroll please!…

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Jon chats about positioning the body in a natural position so the neck and shoulder can heal.

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Jon chats how to progress bodyweight squatting and bodyweight hip-hinging.

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Jon chats about how important it is to continue to brace and bridge, regardless of how you feel.

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Jon chats about cardiovascular-zombies and interval training.

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Jon chats about back pain and why you might be making it worse.

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Jon chats about the the importance of creating a balanced strength training program.

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Jon chats about the motor learning process and how important it might be to retrain some of its basic patterns.

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Jon chats about experimenting with a Paleo diet for 3-weeks.

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Jon chats about how to convince people to exercise.

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Jon chats about advancing the two-legged squat, two-legged band, seated row, and dumbbell press.

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Jon chats about how to advance core training. WARNING: This should only be done if (a) you don't have pain and (b) your glutes are sore everyday.

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Jon chats about getting comfortable sitting in a chair. In short, it can't really be done and you should get yourself an adjustable height work surface.

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Jon chats about the cause of 99.9% cases of knee pain, and what to do about it!

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