Curious Human

Jon chats about strength training fundamentals and how to push and pull with perfect technique, and why perfect technique is important for feeling better.

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Jon chats about the challenges and rewards of doing core exercise on hands and knees and elbows and knees.

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Jon chats about the importance of standing and walking for health, wellness, and longevity.

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Jon chats about neck pain and shoulder pain and possible solutions.

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Jon chats about the foundation of a good lower body strength training program.

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Jon chats about two really important (and overlooked) exercises and common mistakes when performing them.

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Jon chats about fake-cardio and cardio that actually gets results.

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Jon chats about the cause of and solution to back pain.

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Jon chats about the fundamentals of a good strength training program.

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Jon talks about the science behind the core exercises.

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Jon chats about the tough decisions people need to make when choosing the right foods to eat for their bodies.

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Jon chats about how he was able to create interest in core training (bracing, bridging, etc.) in his gym.

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Jon chats about the importance of exercise-moderation and what to do after you start feeling better.

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Jon chats about the 4 basic core exercises that everyone should be doing; supine brace, supine bridge, quadruped brace, and quadruped hip extension.

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Jon chats about the difference between recreational activity and exercise. Many people don't realize there is a difference, and understanding the differences between the two is key to feeling better.

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The podcast redone! Jon revamps the podcast to encompass more of an audience. Jon discusses the new setup of the podcast and what is to come in the future. Hint: He is going to sound like a broken record...

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The gang chat with Joe Compagni, head track & field and cross country coach at Monmouth University.

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The gang host a running seminar at Anthony Monetti's gym, Bodhi.

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The gang chat about knee pain, foot pain, and training specificity.

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The gang chat about marathon training, exercise variability, and answering listener questions.

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The gang chat about running shoes, back pain, and food.

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The gang chat about plantar fasciitus, beginning a training program, and the most important question in track and field.

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The gang chat with Max Prokopy, director of the Speed Clinic at The University of Virginia.

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Jon talks about his return to college track coaching.

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The gang chat about knee pain and triathletes, core training after a long run, and weight loss.

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The gang talk about motivation, transitioning to a natural-strike shoe, and interval length.

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The gang chat about rest during intervals, knee pain and back pain while running, and brain training.

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